Friday, 16 September 2011

An Apology, and "A day in the life - Friday!"

Oh, hello there. I promise that I haven't forgotten about this little blog of mine - I've merely been busy, both at work and otherwise. Regardless, we're all here now, so let us move on with the show proper!

Today began as many other days have of late: my alarm went off at 6am to remind me that I had committed to being at work for 7am. Forcing myself from the warm siren-song of my bed, I departed for work. I will not go into any detail of my work day, as I rather suspect you would all find it quite boring, and very few of the topics would make any sense out of context. However, on the way to work I did have the opportunity to capture the following via Instagram: 

Reluctant Sun: Taken at the intersection of Queen and Adelaide Streets.
I call it "Reluctant Sun" - For it appeared to me that the poor devil seemed as reluctant as I was myself to stir himself and commence with the duties of the day ahead. I'll place the original, unfiltered version at the end of this article, should anyone be interested.

Fast forward a few hours, and I find myself leaving work in the afternoon, on the way to catch up with (as the plan was at the time) three friends for dinner at Vapiano in Queen Street; Two from out of town, and my most recent partner-in-crime Yen-Rong. Unfortunately for all involved, the two flying in from out of town were delayed sufficiently as to not be able to make it for dinner as planned, due to some form of unexplained airline difficulty, after touchdown at Brisbane Airport. At any rate, photos!

Friday afternoon Flora - Retro Style.

Delicious Dinner!

So after a lovely dinner with the aforementioned partner-in-crime, we revisited of a shop we had investigated earlier in the week, within which was a shirt I was convinced to buy. Thus armored with my new purchase in hand and full belly, I departed for my next adventure: That being a quick drink with another friend whose Birthday was last week while she was out of town. Upon arriving at the Bar forming part of the Brisbane Festival setup at Southbank, the four of us in attendence noticed somethng rather odd within our circle of friends in the last few years: That I was the only one at the table with a smartphone of any kind. The other three all had some variation on the solid, wont-fail-even-if-you-throw-them-at-a-wall Nokia handsets of yesteryear. Surrounded by holdouts against this so called Smartphone Revolution, we reminisced over conquests and failures of that greatest of all Nokia phone games: Snake.

A relic of a nobler, departed decade: The 1990s.
My duties being discharged in this regard, I made my way to yet another friends house to acquire something for my trip tomorrow: Stay tuned for a future update to find out what, and to where I am going! Following this slight detour, I returned home. No sooner was I through the door however, than another friend from out of town - down from Cairns, in this case - issued the call to arms that they were in town, and that a catchup session was being instituted with immediate effect.

So as ordered, I reembarked again to a recently refurbished and renamed bar in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley - The Brunswick Social. This delightful place is rather likely to become my new favourite Friday afternoon spot. Being underground and able to see through windows to street level added a certain something excellent to the feel of the place. After locating the growing group of friends also answering the earlier call to arms, we acquired beverages of the Gin variety:

Gin: Best served with Palm Trees.

The bartender who served us these beverages also equipped us with the most adorable Palm Tree drink stirrers and cucumber slices. After spending an hour or so here with these friends, I excused myself and retreated home, where I then commenced with the composition of the very article you are now reading.

There you have it, folks - A morning and evening in the life of myself. If you'll excuse me, I am now going to embark on my final journey of the day: to sleep. Goodnight!